Topic Blog #3: Rob K On: Writing

Ah, the entry that serves as both a writer discussing the medium closest to his heart and as proof that said writer should never write anything ever again. Good times. — 20,000 B.C. Some hairy naked guy in serious need of a shower realizes he can take a sharp rock and carve pictures into hisContinue reading “Topic Blog #3: Rob K On: Writing”

Topic Blog #2: Rob K On: Punk Rock

This one started as my ode to the twelve year old Hot Topic shopper and it grew into a passionate rant about a genre of music I care very much about. — Punk rock used to mean something. It was a loud and boisterous “FUCK YOU!” accompanied by a gigantic middle finger directed at theContinue reading “Topic Blog #2: Rob K On: Punk Rock”

Topic Blog #1: Rob K On: Blogging

So, I started a blog over at Blogger that was meant to be a “topic blog”. Every week or month or whatever, I would post a new blog about various topics. The idea went south when I realized two things: 1: There aren’t enough topics about which I’m passionate enough to write longwinded blog entriesContinue reading “Topic Blog #1: Rob K On: Blogging”