In Which The Writer Writes. Er, Blogs.

This is going to be one of those eratic blogs. The kind that’s all over the place, with no real rhyme or reason.

You’ve been warned.

The “Service Engine Soon” light came on in our car this afternoon. If you had seen our bills this week, you would know what horrible timing that little red light bulb has. The wife has requested I call around to some auto parts store in the morning to ask if they will scan the car and tell us what the problem is for free. We can then decide how soon we will have to address the problem.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure with what money we will be fixing the car.

Life goes on.

Neil Gaiman warns people away from Windows Vista in this blog entry. From what little interaction I’ve had with Vista, I agree with his warning.

I’ve had people try to get me on the Vista bandwagon. It has yet to work and with increasing blurbs like the one at the above link, I’m not sure it ever will.

Of course, I’m the one who was dragged, kicking and screaming, from Windows 95 to Windows 98 (the kicking and screaming continued through 2000 and, finally, XP).

I’ve begun reading Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury. And by “begun reading”, I mean I’ve read the first thirty or so pages and have then proceeded to have no time whatsoever to read any further. Such is what happens to most books I read.

I should really set aside “Reading Time for Rob”.

After a winter that lasted five and a half months, spring has finally arrived. The snow has melted in most places, it’s been replaced with green grass and mud. The sound of lawn mowers humming in the distance, people wearing t-shirts instead of heavy coats, being able to walk to work without the concern of my face going numb along the way.

Welcome, spring. I’ve missed you.

It’s five in the morning, I Love Lucy has just ended and I think it’s time for bed. My cat agrees.

(I am generally a boring person.)

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7 thoughts on “In Which The Writer Writes. Er, Blogs.

  1. Eh we just got a new laptop with some student loan $ and Dom is digging Vista so far. I haven’t played with it yet so no opinion of my own has been formed.

    Yay for spring in MN… can’t wait for some less gray photos in your stream there :D

  2. I agree with the Vista hate. My boss has it on his computer and we can’t do anything or open anything without having to wait for the computer to think a while first. And it has more than enough RAM.

    Stay with XP, people. Or you know, go Mac. :X

  3. i agree with mike on the mac comment. :/

    anyhoo. i blog pretty much randomly like this ALL THE TIME. only i don’t really separate my thoughts well. also, you are much more interesting than i am.

  4. We have Vista and it works. I think one of the problems Mr. Gaiman was having was the fact that I’m pretty sure his laptop lied about it being Vista ready. Apple computers have hurt me so much more in much more creative ways than Windows or DOS boxes have.

    *shakes fist at check engine light* There, that should fix it for you!

  5. Trish:

    I’ve had limited experience with Vista, but the experience I have had has turned me off from it. I may give it a second chance in the future.

    And yes, I prefer green over grey photos as well.


    I’ve wanted a Mac laptop for what seems like forever. I had one of the old school iMacs when they first came out and it was hell, though.


    You’re interesting to me.

    And Nic, I’m sure.


    As I said above, my exposure to Vista has pretty much been playing around with it on other people’s computers. So it’s possible I’ve given it a bum wrap.

    Something tells me otherwise.

    But yes, I too have experienced the sort of pain that only a Mac can inflict.

    I’ll check the check engine light (wha..?) when the wife gets home and I’ll see if your angry fist of doom worked.

    And really, has it ever NOT worked?

  6. Several things popped into my head reading your blog…her they are in no particular order…

    The Car Problem~Want to cheer you lovey doveys up, but how to do that? Anyone up for a round of New Wave Numan? No? Not even you, there in the back? I’m all alone I guess…*solo canta a capella “Automobili”*

    Neil Gsiman~From satanic tomatoes to snowdrops in the *gasps, shimmies, shakes* snow. Adore his grim children’s book, but his take on Snow White is deeply disturbing. As for Vista, when Gaiman illuminates the demolishing, bastardized child of a Mac & PC, it’s clearly become a problem.

    I Love Lucy~I do too, but I just kept picturing Media offering Shadow a peek of her goods in American Gods. Both renew their hilarity with repetition.

    Something Wicked This Way Comes~Not to knock Disney (as if I’m the only one), but I still remember being scared as a kid by <a href=>the film adaptation, and I had already seen “Nightmare On Elm Street” & read Edgar Allen Poe by then. To this day, that score by James Horner still gives me a shiver here and there.

    In fact, if you get the chance lump in this film with “Escape From Witch Mountain”, “Return To Oz” (yes that is Faruiza Balk as Dorothy, just go with it, ok?), “The Black Cauldron”, even “Pete’s Dragon” (come on give Helen Reddy a chance! I double dog dare you not to shed a tear at “Candle In The Water”…), and for fun throw in some “Dark Crystal”, “Legend” & “Time Bandits”, you know, for the kids!

    Seriously, though this book deserves more attention, with characters like Will Halloway (born a minute before midnight), his friend jJim Nighshade (born a minute after midnight), Mr. Dark (his hands are magic) & The Dust Witch (sorry Foxy Brown, but the book’s original version was much scarier, especially when ecncountering a bullet with a smile carved into it). Stephen King’s regards it as one of his favorite books and how it influenced some of his own later works, especially “Needful Things”. Bradbury even aknowledged that the Disney adaptation was true, at least in spirit, to the book, to whit “not a great film, no, but a decently nice one.”

  7. Senefra:

    Don’t ever leave my internet world. If I could afford it, I would pay you to walk around with me in my daily life and spout interesting facts about all the things around me.

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