A Study in the Effect of Lou Reed on the Removal of Limbs From Trees

This afternoon, I ventured out into our yard and, armed with nothing but a rusted hand saw, attempted to cut down a tree. I would call this a medium sized tree, nowhere near as large as will probably come to mind when one reads “I tried to cut down a tree with a small hand saw”, but still a bit too large to properly saw down by hand.

So I decided I was better off removing the branches I could reach. They were still quite thick and gave me a fair amount of trouble. I was frustrated, to say the least, at the prospect of being bested by a tree. In retreating to the house, I had a glass of water, and decided I needed musical accompaniment.

Once I returned outside, the sun warming my back, Lou Reed crooning Coney Island Baby in my ear, I resumed my efforts against my wooden enemy.

Suddenly, it seemed so much easier. The saw seemed to slide with very little difficulty and I was able to remove every limb within my reach after what seemed to be a much shorter bit of time. Which leads me to the following astonishing conclusion:

Lou Reed’s dulcet tones weaken a tree’s defenses against a rusty hand saw.

Go forth and tell the masses.

My hands are blistered, my arms are sore and I feel manly, in a very silly man-against-nature sort of way.

Although there is still much work to be done out there and reportedly a few thunder storms on the way.

Speaking of Lou Reed, here is an mp3 of him reading Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven.


I’ve recently discovered, over at the Barnes & Noble website, an audio interview series entitled “Meet The Writers”.

Here are some of the more interesting interviews:

Terry Pratchett

Neil Gaiman

Christopher Moore

Terry Brooks

Eoin Colfer

R. A. Salvatore

There’s quite a few other very interesting ones from many different genres (those I’ve linked above are authors in the SF game). Click around and give a listen.

The second prologue bit is slowly, yet steadily, moving forward. The word document is open in a background window as I type this. Contemplating how much to show and to whom I wish to show it.

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