Gene Colan And Why The Hero Initiative Exists

Gene Colan, one of my favorite Silver Age artists, who is probably better known for his work on Daredevil and Tomb of Dracula, though I’ll always remember for his work on Dr. Strange, has fallen ill. Being an old timer in the comic book industry means he is among the long list of truly legendaryContinue reading “Gene Colan And Why The Hero Initiative Exists”

An Unexpected Absence, An Expected Absence, And Sad News

I ended up taking an unexpected vacation from the internet over the last couple of days, due mostly to work and life and all the bits in between. I’m going to take another little absence, this time a planned one, starting very soon. The reason: reading. I never seem to have the time to readContinue reading “An Unexpected Absence, An Expected Absence, And Sad News”

Housecleaning, Eggs From a Toaster and Gay Marriage

California has finally lifted the ban on gay marriage, which is the sort of news that makes you happily think “Wow, California is the second state to do so”, until you sadly think “Wow, California is the second state to do so”. Hopefully this will help turn the tide and other states will jump onContinue reading “Housecleaning, Eggs From a Toaster and Gay Marriage”

Mostly Doctor Who Also Casting

Today was Casting Day! Not big Hollywood type casting, but rather oh-my-god-my-arm-is-broken-and-crooked-and-sweet-christ-how-are-we-going-to-keep-it-from-moving type casting. The hour or so drive to the orthopedic was spent discussing Doctor Who and wishing we could attend Comic-Con International in the near future. X-rays were taken, we were told the arm is healing well and the cast was applied. TheContinue reading “Mostly Doctor Who Also Casting”

I Left Texas To Follow Lucinda, Now I’ll Never See Texas Or Home

It’s a Tom Waits sort of morning, I think. — Allow me to tell you a story, hmm? It’s a story that has a young boy and his mother and a stepfather of large stature. There’s also a dog. With the boy in the condition he’s in, broken arm with no cast (Wednesday, for theContinue reading “I Left Texas To Follow Lucinda, Now I’ll Never See Texas Or Home”

A Taste Of Mocha

The new Starbuck’s Dark Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino is far too delicious for its own good. We’ve gone through a four-pack in a single morning, just between the wife and I. We’ll be buying those again, I’m certain. — IRON MAN certainly takes its rightful place amongst some of the greatest comic book movies ever madeContinue reading “A Taste Of Mocha”

Things Both Good And Bad

Let’s start with the bad things. Or thing, really. In case you haven’t heard (and if you haven’t, where the hell have you been?), a powerful cyclone hit Myanmar five days ago, devistating nearly everything in its wake and killing thousands of people. Five days have passed, and even the largest city in Myanmar isContinue reading “Things Both Good And Bad”

April Showers (In May) And Other Things

I awoke this morning to the calming sound of a light pattering against the bedroom window. I rose from bed, stretched and yawned, walked to the door and opened it. Little droplets of renewal, small glimmering orbs, each containing a mirrored image of the world around them, cascaded from the heavens and washed across theContinue reading “April Showers (In May) And Other Things”

Hospital Waiting Room Coffee and Stale Cookies

Our son learned a very hard lesson on Thursday Night; Never climb a slide in a way it was not originally intended to be climbed. He came home accompanied by a crooked arm and many tears and much whimpering. We whisked him to the Emergency Room, where they performed X-Rays and told us they couldContinue reading “Hospital Waiting Room Coffee and Stale Cookies”