A Blog In Segments!

Segment One:

Things I Like:

The Dark Knight, which was a cinematic orgasm the likes of which I have not experienced in years. It really is the perfect film and we’re trying to reorganize our finances so we can see it again.

The Watchmen trailer, which makes me wish it was 2009 already.


The film “Meet Bill”, which we rented recently and which I enjoyed very much.

The oatmeal cookie I ate this afternoon.

The fact that Adult Swim plays episodes of Mission Hill at 1am.

Segment Two:

Things I Dislike:

The humidity.

People who think their taste in film/music/life is ABSOLUTE LAW and those who disagree with their opinions have “bad taste”.

The film “Trapped Ashes”, which we rented recently and I did NOT enjoy.

Not having another oatmeal cookie to eat right now.

The fact that I have to wait until 1am to watch Mission Hill.

Segment Three:

Things That Make Me Sad:

The fact that Estelle Getty passed away this morning. I watch Golden Girls reruns and I refuse to care who knows it.

Segment Four:

Things That I Loath:

The GIANT SPIDER that just scurried out from under my television, saw me, then scurried back under the television. (I sprayed a bunch of air freshener under there and held a shoe in my hand, waiting for it to run out, but it never did. It’ll be hard to sleep knowing that it’s still at large.)



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Biographical information? I was born 37 years ago. I've lived a little here and there since then. I do not look forward to death. Biographical enough for you?

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