Superheroes On Twitter

oldoneeye: Still feeling emotional today. Wolverine keeps making fun of my hair. God, I hate him. God, I miss Jean. I wish I could hold my liqour.

IAmLoganBitch: @oldoneeye stfu asshole


IAmLoganBitch: @oldoneeye i got yer hairy worm right here, bub.

oldoneeye: @IAmLoganBitch Only losers use vulgarities like that.

IAmLoganBitch: @oldoneeye fuck off.

RussianDreamBoat: Pyro keeps hitting on me and making me uncomfortable. I wonder if Kitty knows.

oldoneeye: @IAmLoganBitch You’re just jealous that I’m team leader.

WeatherGoddess: @IAmLoganBitch, @oldoneeye You’re both idiots. Don’t make me fry you both with a lightning bolt.

RussianDreamBoat: Oh god, Pyro’s walking around without a shirt again. What is his damage?

IAmLoganBitch: @oneoldeye we all know whos cock you sucked to get that job, scott.

gamblinman69: how does dis ting work?

BaldQueen4211: cum 2 me my xmen, lol

WeatherGoddess: @IAmLoganBitch lol!

gamblinman69: eatin gumbo.

oldoneeye: @IAmLoganBitch THAT IS A GOD DAMN LIE

RussianDreamBoat: Going swimming with Pyro down at the lake. bbiab.

gamblinman69: done eatin gumbo now im watchin dukes of hazzard.

IAmLoganBitch: @oldoneeye only losers use vulgarities like that lol

WeatherGoddess: Going to have sex with Forge.

ForgeLikesBigButts: whoo! later bitches!

gamblinman69: daisy duke gets my motor runnin, chere.

BaldQueen4211: watching colossus and pyro swim at the lake, lol.

oldoneeye: Going to my room to listen to MCR.

IAmLoganBitch: @oldoneeye lolololol

BaldQueen4211: he really is a big russian, lmao

gamblinman69: omg airwolf is comin on. i love dat show.

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