A Series Of Open Letters: Part 276,021

Dear Series of Spam E-Mails Recently Littering My Inbox, No, I do not want to be a pharmacy technician. If I had wanted to be a pharmacy technician, I’d probably be doing pharmacy technician type stuff. Or I would at least be in some sort of pharmacy technician school where pharmacy technicians learn pharmacy technicianContinue reading “A Series Of Open Letters: Part 276,021”

Q&A For August 2008: The Answers

Here we are again, my friends. I’ve gotten quite a few questions this time, so let’s get right down to it, shall we? The lovely Jen asks: William Shatner? Why? Or would the answer scare me? This would be in reference to the Questions blog in which I mentioned my unhealthy obsession with William Shatner.Continue reading “Q&A For August 2008: The Answers”

Q&A For August 2008: The Questions

Since there were so few questions the last time round, I decided maybe a monthly Q&A wasn’t such a great idea after all. However, there were enough questions to warrant another go at it. So here we go again: Ask me anything! Ask me one question, ask me fifty! Ask me about writing, ask meContinue reading “Q&A For August 2008: The Questions”