Mostly Links And A Little Mushiness

Today is Danielle’s birthday. I’ve sent her flowers, I plan to massage her weary muscles when she gets home from work, and tonight we watch whatever the hell she wants to watch (though it will probably end up being the downloaded episodes of Chuck and Heroes we missed last Monday).

I love this woman more than I could ever hope to put into words. For a writer to say that, is kind of a big deal. She is literally my reason for getting out of bed in the morning, she brings me light, life, happiness, and every other good word in the English language.

Happy Birthday, baby. I love you.

And now, so those of you reading this who are not Danielle are not completely bored, some links:

The newest Watchmen trailer made me want to cry. Good tears, though. Not Spider-Man 3 tears.

There are also new trailers for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and The Spirit.

It’s a good day for trailers.

Every single fear of all you white McCain voters WILL BE REALIZED.

I’ve joined GoodReads, which is basically… I’ll just say it: It’s a social network for smart people.

If you join, feel free to add me to your list of imaginary virtual friends.

Warren Ellis shares with us a photo taken by Matt Fraction of Brian Bendis stalking Spider-Man:

Bendis would be the bald one.

Right, off to cook dinner and wait for a pretty-yet-tired lady carrying flowers to enter my home.

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