The Obligatory Year End Post: 2008 Edition

As the year comes to a close this evening, one tends to reflect on where they’ve been, keeping an eye on the past while facing forward, looking to the future. 2008 was a hell of a year. Nerds will call it the year of The Dark Knight, hipsters will call it the year of Obama.Continue reading “The Obligatory Year End Post: 2008 Edition”

A Contemplative Compilation of Me Contemplating Contemplation

Thinking about fate and chance and the universe and how our choices in life affect our future selves in weird ways. Say, for example, you decide “This comic store will be MY comic store, and I shall visit it every Wednesday for my comicy goodness and the villagers, invisible though they may be, shall rejoice.”Continue reading “A Contemplative Compilation of Me Contemplating Contemplation”

I Sneeze On You

Ah, Christmas. The one day of the year when it’s considered perfectly acceptable to eat candy from socks. Hope yours was grand. Mine was spent on the couch with the woman I love, so it was pretty swell. Though I’ve developed a head cold and have been less than happy (or talkative, sorry to thoseContinue reading “I Sneeze On You”

Throbbing Faces

This will be quick, as I have a few things to do before heading to work. Abcessed tooth. Went to dentist, who proceded to push on the fucking thing. Not just a light tap, mind you. A push. I yelled involuntarily, quite loudly, and probably frightened the small child who was waiting in the lobbyContinue reading “Throbbing Faces”

Music For Your Head

Oasis by Amanda Palmer has been called a controversial song about rape and abortion, but that’s not what it’s about at all. It’s a song about a young girl’s odyssey in procuring a response from her favorite band; Oasis. Really, that’s what it’s about. I swear. What? Oh. Well, yes, rape and abortion are mentionedContinue reading “Music For Your Head”

Michael Madsen Needs Bread

It seems I never have normal dreams. Other people have dreams in which they’re flying, or in which they have conversations with dead loved ones, or in which they star in their favorite movie. I have dreams in which I defend my family against werewolves, or in which aliens are among us and no oneContinue reading “Michael Madsen Needs Bread”

Quickies 2

Vinnie Jones was arrested two hours from here for getting into a bar fight over him being in X-Men 3. Hollywood actor and former British soccer player Vinnie Jones was arrested after a bar fight in downtown Sioux Falls, authorities said. His movie credits include “Snatch,” “Gone in Sixty Seconds” and as the character JuggernautContinue reading “Quickies 2”