Full Of Nothing Interesting Whatsoever

Hello again, you beautiful internet people. You look lovely today. You’ve lost weight, haven’t you? And you, over there, you’ve done something with your hair. It’s marvelous. Honestly, none of you have ever looked better. Now, on with the posting of useless gooblets of information: First there’s this: Nice lil video, eh? But the videoContinue reading “Full Of Nothing Interesting Whatsoever”

Stephen Fry And Other Things

It appears we are living in the dawn of adolescence in the lifespan of the new internet point of interest: Twitter. When I had come across Twitter, some time a year and a half or so ago, it was a fun distraction and not much more. Since then, many friends of mine have joined andContinue reading “Stephen Fry And Other Things”

Not a Real Post Don’t Mind Me

Right. So, what I’ve done here is, with a bit of jiggering and looky-looing around, I’ve discovered a way to get the nifty little “HTML” tab atop my lil’ window thingy. The problem is, it was the HTML window that was open all along, never the “Visual” one, as I’d had that disabled from theContinue reading “Not a Real Post Don’t Mind Me”

Q&A For March 2009: The Questions

Hello, all you beautiful internet type people! I, your humble writer, one Dr. Robert J. Kaas II Esq., have decided to open my mental doors to all of you once again, in one of my favorite things to do in bloggyworld: The Q&A! So, here’s the inner workings, yeah?: STEP ONE: You, being a semi-saneContinue reading “Q&A For March 2009: The Questions”

Following Bryan Brinkman Also Funny Hats

The very magical and wonderful internet thing known only as Hulu is not allowing me to post their videos upon my humble blog, for some reason. Actually, flash players from most sites seemingly don’t want to work here. I can post a single YouTube video, but if I attempt to embed two or more, theContinue reading “Following Bryan Brinkman Also Funny Hats”

Complete and Utter Injustice

File this under things that make me both very sad and very angry: It’s hard to believe, but true: under a law Congress passed last year aimed at regulating hazards in children’s products, the federal government has now advised that children’s books published before 1985 should not be considered safe and may in many casesContinue reading “Complete and Utter Injustice”

Actual Conversations From Work: Vol.01

Preface: Tuesday morning saw the beginning of a decently sized blizzard tearing through our fair town, and, in fact, most of the state/surrounding states. I was scheduled to go in to work at 12:30pm, for my regular Tuesday shift on what we refer to as “truck day”. At 11:00am, I recieved the following phonecall: Boss:Continue reading “Actual Conversations From Work: Vol.01”

Letters to Loved Ones and Other Things As Well

Much has happened since our last installment, my dear readers. One such event being the writer of this blog turning twentyfive years of age (the big two-five, as it were). Christ, twentyfive. I know many who would scoff at me for what I am about to type, but: I feel old. I know, I know!Continue reading “Letters to Loved Ones and Other Things As Well”