Following Bryan Brinkman Also Funny Hats

The very magical and wonderful internet thing known only as Hulu is not allowing me to post their videos upon my humble blog, for some reason. Actually, flash players from most sites seemingly don’t want to work here. I can post a single YouTube video, but if I attempt to embed two or more, the others simply do not show up. Nothing from Hulu or any other moving pictures sites (accept Viddler, which I can post a single video, much like the YouTube conspiracy) appears at all.

I, being an unfortunately technotarded(tm) individual living in a world full of you beautiful savvy people who know the delicate ins and outs (insert girlish giggling here) of the technological masterpieces of our current modern times, come to you for help. You’re all very nice people who dress themselves quite well and whose ears are not humorously large at all, no.

The following link will (hopefully, unless I’ve broken the intrawebs with my ignorance) bring you to the video I had hoped to embed (“I’ll embed you, you beast.”) in this poor, impoverished blog:

Click me, hard and fast is how I like it, you internet brute of male or female genital persuasion.

The above video, if it indeed worked, will be an episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, in which Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht (of the internet sensation entitled DiggNation), along with Russell Brand being British and inconsequential, and Jimmy Fallon who hosts the show, conducted a bit of an experiment.

The experiment was taking a single, unassuming Twitter user, with only seven “followers”, and boosting his self esteem/follower count (because they’re linked, you know), by announcing to their followers, as well as on national television, this young man’s Twitter account.

Bryan Brinkman now has over 34,000 followers, but he could stand to gain a few more. Let’s see if we can’t push him over the 100,000 mark by year’s end, eh? It’s a fun little experiment, by sexy people, for sexy people, about Bryan Brinkman (who, I’m sure, someone finds sexy).

The video I linked is the entire episode, because before the experiment is Russell Brand being funny and weird, and after the experiment is a performance by The Virgins, and in between those two things are many laughs and a little beer.

Also, if you’re not on Twitter, you’re apparently quite lame now. Whereas before the media caught onto the little service that could, you were laughed at and asked things like “What is a Tweet? LOL”.

Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day, and I wore a funny hat.


Funny, yes? It’s like a leprechaun hat, though I am clearly too tall to be a leprechaun! Also, my hair is not orange and I am not protecting a pot of gold! Ah, humor.

I went to work in this hat and discovered I was not the only befunnyhatted person there. A co-worker wore a hat even MORE ridiculous than mine.

“More ridiculous? Than a leprechaun hat being worn by someone who is clearly not a leprechaun?! You jest, my friend! Why, my sides are near splitting at your hat alone!” you say.

No, it’s true. His hat was much taller and it was shiny and many people said things like “You got a bottle of booze in your hat?” before laughing hysterically and saying “You could fit a bottle of booze in there!”

I took pause and marveled at the fact that there is no other occasion where one would question whether or not you held a bottle of alcohol in a specific article of clothing.

Not unless you were shoplifting at a liqour store, anyway.

A customer asked a fellow co-worker where her hat was, and her response was:

“I have no spirit. I’m German.”

The most I have laughed at work in a very long time.

Oh, you Germans and your lack of spirit.

I can only assume that once I get a domain of my very own, which will hopefully be soon, that all my video posting troubles will be resolved and I will be able to post things willy-nilly, much like a mentally disturbed child with a shiny new toy, one he doesn’t quite understand, yet he still enjoys hitting the puppy in the head with.

I’ve just clicked on a little button marked “support” on this here page and, after a bit of research, it looks as though, yes, being that this is a free blog and not wordpress running on a site of my own, posting videos from sites such as Hulu and the like will be met with great challenges to my stress levels.

The weather here has gone from white and frozen, to greenish brown and muddy, which is the transition point between winter and spring. Another reason to believe spring is finally here: I’m told it’s to rain for four straight days come this weekend.

I love rain.

Right, off to make breaky, though breaky is hardly breaky without scramby eggies and hashy brownies and coffee woffie.

Wait, we have coffee woffie, so I suppose it will be something resembling breaky.

I may need more sleep.

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5 thoughts on “Following Bryan Brinkman Also Funny Hats

  1. I have a wordpress blog, but I host it. I don’t know how the interface is different than yours. It shouldn’t matter how many videos you want to embed because it’s pulling the video from the source, not wordpress.

    Do you have the option of using the visual editor vs. the html editor? If you do, you probably just need to copy the embed code right into the html version.

    Email me if you want me to help you with it- I’ll need your login to see your interface and then I can let you know your options.

  2. There is no choice of editors. Just one window, no lil’ tab that says “HTML” or anything, just a window and some tag tabs (Italic, Bold, Hyperlink, etc.).

  3. Yes, there is. I just made a new free wordpress blog so that I could see what you were looking at. It looks exactly the same as the interface for my hosted blog. Regardless if you host it or they do, it’s the same because its freeware.

    I took a screenshot so that you can see what I’m looking at.

    This is my real blog:

    This is my new fake wordpress hosted blog:

    I circled the HTML tab for you. Just click it and paste in that embed code from youtube or hulu or whatever. You should be able to do as many as you want with no issues.

    I’d recommend you format all the text however you want in the visual editor since it has the “word” interface then click the HTML tab and paste in the imbed code at the point in the text where you want the video to show.

    Hope this helps!

    1. I use Opera and there is no HTML tab. At all. Anywhere.

      And if FireFox didn’t suck monkey testicles, I’d use that. But unforunately, it crashes on me every time I’ve used it. IE is… Well, it’s IE. I’m not using it.

      So Opera I am using and Opera I shall stay.

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