Not a Real Post Don’t Mind Me

Right. So, what I’ve done here is, with a bit of jiggering and looky-looing around, I’ve discovered a way to get the nifty little “HTML” tab atop my lil’ window thingy. The problem is, it was the HTML window that was open all along, never the “Visual” one, as I’d had that disabled from theContinue reading “Not a Real Post Don’t Mind Me”

Q&A For March 2009: The Questions

Hello, all you beautiful internet type people! I, your humble writer, one Dr. Robert J. Kaas II Esq., have decided to open my mental doors to all of you once again, in one of my favorite things to do in bloggyworld: The Q&A! So, here’s the inner workings, yeah?: STEP ONE: You, being a semi-saneContinue reading “Q&A For March 2009: The Questions”