Amanda Palmer Made Me Do It

This is going to be another blog where I blatently promote Amanda Palmer, so if you’re sick of reading that sort of thing, feel free to skip this. Although you’ll be denying a young woman her birthday wish. You bastards. — So, I’m reading this blog entry over at Amanda Palmer’s website, and I seeContinue reading “Amanda Palmer Made Me Do It”

I Fought Your Monkey Last Night

So, by now, everyone has heard of the cinematic classic known fondly as SNAKES ON A PLANE. And like it or not, even if you’ve never seen the film, you know this line very well: Right? Best line in the whole movie, arguably. Well, what happens when they air the film on a cable networkContinue reading “I Fought Your Monkey Last Night”

In Which The Writer Talks At Great Length About STAR WARS

So, we’ve recently purchased all six STAR WARS movies. Two seperate box sets. One for the brilliant, classic, death-stars-gettin-blown-up, jawas-sellin-droids-but-these-aren’t-the-droids-you’re-looking-for, one-of-the-most-vital-parts-of-your-childhood trilogy. One for the, y’know, prequels. They sit in our DVD collection, all big and bold and brash, they’re the cock of the walk and the other DVDs know it. On the left, StardustContinue reading “In Which The Writer Talks At Great Length About STAR WARS”

A Journey to Wal-Mart

Took a trip to Wal-Mart, decided to bring the video camera along. Still figuring out the editing software, this being the first video I’ve made out of pieced together bits. Hence the jumping around. More entertaining stuff on the way, I promise. Danielle makes an appearance in this one, and we mention both Jen (Faula)Continue reading “A Journey to Wal-Mart”

The Who (the hell is Rory Cochrane?)

Attempting a few things with this video, don’t mind me. Attempt number one: Testing a new format, so maybe it won’t be quite so blurry. Attempt number two: Learning new(ish) editing software, still getting the hang of things. Attempt number three: Actually doing something with the fuckload of footage I filmed last year at randomContinue reading “The Who (the hell is Rory Cochrane?)”

“No One is More Famous Than Morrissey.”

I’ve been on a real Moz/Smiths kick lately. Which is not that odd, as I tend to do that on a fairly regular basis. I’ll go weeks, sometimes months, without listening to a single Moz/Smiths song, then out of nowhere I’ll listen to nothing else for days on end. I’m a binge Morrissey fan. —Continue reading ““No One is More Famous Than Morrissey.””

This Made Me Laugh Vol.02

I laughed more at that image than I had any real right to. While the following video did make me laugh, it was more of an uncomfortable chuckle. It made me more afraid than anything else, but since I cannot seem to cleanse it from my brain, you too must suffer: And this one madeContinue reading “This Made Me Laugh Vol.02”