Five Albums That Changed My World

There’s a thing going around Facebook right now that asks you what five albums changed your life. I can’t get it to work, so I’m listing them here.

Neener, Facebook. Neener.

1: Fleetwood Mac “Rumours”

This is literally the earliest album I can remember hearing. Well, maybe some Lennon. My father is a huge Lennon fan.

But I think this was the first album I listened to in entirety.

I vividly remember listening to it on a tape deck in my parent’s living room on headphones. I’d wait for them to leave for work, then I’d unplug the headphones, crank the volume for The Chain, and rock out on air guitar for the most blissful four minutes and twenty eight seconds I had ever experienced.

2: The Clash “London Calling”

I really don’t remember how old I was when I discovered The Clash. I was in my early teens, I remember that much. I remember hearing London Calling (the song) on the radio a few times and having a deep impression made from it. That song hit me like an atom bomb, man.

I’ve never owned the album, but I’ve heard it fully a few times, thanks to the internet. I still listen to Spanish Bombs, or Death or Glory, or Clampdown, or even the title track itself, London Calling, on regular occasion.

3: The Pixies “Death to The Pixies 1987 – 1991”

Ho-lee-shit. I was introduced to this massive album, not to mention the band, while on a long and strange journey to Comic-Con International in San Diego, California one year. My brother in law, Adam, was the one who chose to play the entire monster of a collection on the whole trip.

There’s not a single song on this record, and there are plenty of them, that I didn’t absorb into my psyche on that trip. Whether that’s a good thing or not, I can’t say.

But thanks for that, Adam.

4: Led Zeppelin. Any of them.

[For some reason, Photobucket decided a photo of a band from the 1970s violates their terms of service, whoops.]

I tried to narrow it down to just one album. I really did. No, really, I did.

5: The Police “Every Breath You Take: The Classics”

I had heard a lot of Police songs via the radio, via MTV and VH1, via other people putting them on mixtapes (remember those?) for me. But I’d never actually purchased an album until I picked this up on sale.

Some people may scoff because it’s a compilation and not an “album”, but screw you man. This whole damn thing rocks my socks off every single time I hear it, which is saying a lot.

There. I feel better.

More recent albums that rock my world, but don’t really change it, per se, include:

Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Fever to Tell”

Amanda Palmer “Who Killed Amanda Palmer?”

Queens of the Stone Age “Songs for the Deaf”

I highly reccomend you track down and listen to ALL of these albums. Trust me, once you do, you will totally have a better understanding of who I am as a person.

Comment with yours.


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