“No One is More Famous Than Morrissey.”

I’ve been on a real Moz/Smiths kick lately. Which is not that odd, as I tend to do that on a fairly regular basis. I’ll go weeks, sometimes months, without listening to a single Moz/Smiths song, then out of nowhere I’ll listen to nothing else for days on end. I’m a binge Morrissey fan. —Continue reading ““No One is More Famous Than Morrissey.””

This Made Me Laugh Vol.02

I laughed more at that image than I had any real right to. While the following video did make me laugh, it was more of an uncomfortable chuckle. It made me more afraid than anything else, but since I cannot seem to cleanse it from my brain, you too must suffer: And this one madeContinue reading “This Made Me Laugh Vol.02”