A Journey to Wal-Mart

Took a trip to Wal-Mart, decided to bring the video camera along.

Still figuring out the editing software, this being the first video I’ve made out of pieced together bits. Hence the jumping around.

More entertaining stuff on the way, I promise.

Danielle makes an appearance in this one, and we mention both Jen (Faula) and Dustin (who gets a public service announcement from Danielle).


Published by Rob Kaas

Biographical information? I was born 37 years ago. I've lived a little here and there since then. I do not look forward to death. Biographical enough for you?

4 thoughts on “A Journey to Wal-Mart

  1. woo more video blogs. it was cool to finally see danielle, tell her not to hide so much, she’s pretty! :D

    i want a shoutout next time, yo. :p

  2. Chris:

    Loving me and loving Russell Crowe are mutually exclusive. It’s possible for one to exist without the other, so I’m cool.


    I know, right? She’s a hot mama but upon seeing the video before it uploaded, she was like “omgilookhorrible!” and I had to assure her that she didn’t.

    One of the next videos will be all shoutouts, and you’ll be in there. Yo.

  3. yay!!! :D she looks good!! and I am damn appreciative! (I will show up on video, I promise just don’t want one where I am full of sugar :p)
    and john says it was demolition man
    you have a booger up your nose

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