The Penis Blimps In The House

Allow me to share with you a photo my good friend Chris Hayner took whilst he was on a walk yesterday:

This is the Sex Van. It is full of sex and vaginas.

Also, note the upper left hand side of the image (just above the scratched out “I <3 Balls”). See them? They look like blimps, yet it’s clearly someone trying to draw penises.

That’s when the name for my fake band hit me:


I shouted to the rooftops (read: twittered) that my band would be called The Penis Blimps and our logo shall be a giant inflatable penis set ablaze, with a tiny little man running around shouting “OH, THE HUMANITY!” underneath it.

I took this newfound fake band name to work with me and shared it with a co-worker, who then fired back with the name Spontaneous Skeet Skeets.


So yeah, now the seedy rock club in my head is featuring a double bill reading: “The Penis Blimps, opening for The Spontaneous Skeet Skeets: 2 Bands, 1 Show, ALL COCK.”

So that’s how I spent my workday, how about you?

It’s times like these that I remember my mother reads this blog, and I cringe, but I choose to not delete anything, and then I later regret it, after I get a call and I hear my mother say things like “Why did you have to use the word cock in that last post?”

It’s really very early in the morning, and I find myself in the weird place of being in between sleep. You see, I went to sleep on Tuesday, woke up at three in the morning on Wednesday, made the wifey her lunch and her coffee and sent her on her way, and now I sit here, awake and blogging. However, I will soon lay down and sleep once more, for about four or five hours.

So you see, I’m in between sleep. It’s an odd place to be, though fun. It’s loopy here, very colorful, and there’s The Smiths playing in the background, and there’s fat free pudding and a dog who will lay her head across your feet so they’re not cold.

It’s a nice place to visit, really, but I would not wish to live here.

I have to say, that last video has done gangbusters. Everyone loves seeing Danielle on screen, well, at least everyone other than Danielle herself. I was on the phone with my father, whilst my mother was watching the video in the background and I heard her spontaneously shout “YAY DANIELLE!” after she appeared on screen, which made me laugh.

Trying to convince her to appear on camera again in the future, but I’m not sure it’ll work. Maybe if there were a flood of comments asking her nicely, she may be convinced.

Right. Bed time (again) for me.


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