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Actual Conversations From Work: Vol.02

Preface: Male Co-Worker #2 enters our place of employment, head down, dragging his feet along, his hood up over his head. He enters the backroom. Me: “What the hell happened to you?” Male Co-Worker #2: “I’m so hungover. I was at the bar last night drinking shots of abstinence.” Me: “Of what?” Male Co-Worker #2:Continue reading “Actual Conversations From Work: Vol.02”

Five Albums That Changed My World

There’s a thing going around Facebook right now that asks you what five albums changed your life. I can’t get it to work, so I’m listing them here. Neener, Facebook. Neener. — 1: Fleetwood Mac “Rumours” This is literally the earliest album I can remember hearing. Well, maybe some Lennon. My father is a hugeContinue reading “Five Albums That Changed My World”

Updates of Things

UPDATE NUMBER ONE: Here’s a link to an article somewhat explaining Amazon’s side of the whole recent #AmazonFail debacle. (via Neil Gaiman on Twitter) UPDATE NUMBER TWO: I have changed my Twitter username.. It’s now RobKaas (which is, y’know, my actual name), so change your links accordingly. UPDATE NUMBER THREE: WordPress now has a niftyContinue reading “Updates of Things”

A Mish-Mash of a Hodge-Podge of a Collection of Craptastic Crap

A few things to get to, none of which I doubt are important to any of you, but you’ve started reading so, really, why not finish? Commit to something for once in your life, you unreliable bastard. — So, I suppose I should first address the whole “AmazonFail” business. For those not in the know,Continue reading “A Mish-Mash of a Hodge-Podge of a Collection of Craptastic Crap”