A Few Things Before Cleaning

Hello, world. How’s everything? Good? Yeah. So just a few quick things here, then I get to vaccum: 1: This whole Prop 8 thing is just fucking madness. Since when is Iowa more forward-thinking than California? No offense intended to anyone from Iowa, but… Come on, it’s Iowa. I’m not one to think ill ofContinue reading “A Few Things Before Cleaning”

Milk Through A Straw

It’s wrong. Everytime I see someone drinking milk through a straw, I cringe. — I was browsing the intrawebs this morning and I stumbled upon a BoingBoing article about THIS. It’s a table made out of old VHS tapes. I’m giving serious consideration to making one myself now. — So, I saw STAR TREK. TheContinue reading “Milk Through A Straw”

Taking A Moment To Talk About Wolverine

So, I’ve finally seen Wolverine (the title “X-Men Origins” is extremely lame). Let’s make this a quick list, otherwise I’ll ramble on with nerd rage. Spoilers abound below: Things Wolverine Did Wrong: 1: The CGI claws were terrible, as was whatever the hell they did to Xavier’s face. He looked like a god damn storeContinue reading “Taking A Moment To Talk About Wolverine”

It’s May, So I’m Blogging

It’s May 2nd and I have spent the last five days lifting, stocking, washing, sweeping, organizing, pushing, pulling, and trying to stay ahead of it all. Monday was spent cleaning and stocking the cooler at work. Tuesday was a usual Truck Day, but with the added bonus of cleaning and organizing the back room. WednesdayContinue reading “It’s May, So I’m Blogging”