Q&A For August: The Answers

Let’s get right down to it, yeah? Jen asks: where’s my video dammit?! A: Actually, I have an explanation for this! Our computer has been acting extremely slow lately and hasn’t been cooperating in the “allowing me to edit video” department, so I just haven’t been able to upload anything. I promise, though. Once weContinue reading “Q&A For August: The Answers”

New Look, Same Blog

The blog may look cleaner and a little more organized, but I can assure you the man writing it is, in fact, not. — I will eventually be upgrading to an actual website, someday. At which point I’ll have far more options available to me, by way of customization, but for now I’ll settle forContinue reading “New Look, Same Blog”

Q&A For August: The Questions

YOU GOT QUESTIONS? I GOT ANSWERS! Come on down to Rob K’s House of Answers for all of your question answering needs! Wanna know what makes me tick? ASK ME! Don’t know what movie to watch tonight? ASK ME! Need advice about the purchase of a rare and endangered ferret/cat/hamster hybrid on eBay? ASK ME!Continue reading “Q&A For August: The Questions”

Services To Be Held in Shermer, IL

I am admitedly late in doing this, but I couldn’t allow the passing of filmmaker John Hughes go by silently. There are plenty of writer-directors out there. Many of them are either underworked or underappreciated, which is sad, as writing a thing and then directing it has got to be a more difficult job thanContinue reading “Services To Be Held in Shermer, IL”

Updates From Afar

The rain has been coming sporadically, the sunny days perfection momentarily marred by five or so minutes of torrential downpour. The world goes from warm and crisp, to wet and steamy, and back again in so little time that the animals outside must be so very confused. It continued to rain in bursts throughout theContinue reading “Updates From Afar”