Updates From Afar

The rain has been coming sporadically, the sunny days perfection momentarily marred by five or so minutes of torrential downpour. The world goes from warm and crisp, to wet and steamy, and back again in so little time that the animals outside must be so very confused.

It continued to rain in bursts throughout the day yesterday, all of it finally culminating in a large thunderstorm that rocked our little town in what would normally be a very quiet evening. Unfortunately, much like the blasts of phantom rain previously experienced, the storm was far too brief. Although its presence was made known, it didn’t last. I was sad.

Money is, as always, cheif amongst our daily concerns. We’ve bought an X-Box 360 from a co-worker and friend of mine, to be paid in installments. Overall, it allows us to save money, as we’re not always renting movies or driving long distances in search of fun, only to sacrifice gas money.

The funny thing is, whenever we feel as though we are finally on top of everything, whenever we feel as though the bills are getting caught up and all will soon be well, that is when something happens to confirm otherwise. Much like a villainous money sucking specter, slinking through our window in the middle of the night, something always rears its ugly head and saps away any feeling of gaining speed in this financial race. A financial race to what finish line? A finish line of freedom, set apart from debt and only paying what must be paid at time of service, rather than owing and sinking and falling into a black void comprised of other peoples’ hands reaching out for our hard earned money.

Medical problems have a tendency to appear from the ether at terrible moments in time. I’m thankful to say our current medical emergency is nothing fatal or serious, but rather a dental issue that requires immediate attention (a numb lip is never a sign of anything good), and so as of Monday, we will find ourselves slowly slipping back down the impossibly large mountain we’d only just claimed a few more inches of.

The most important things are health and happiness. All other things are moot in comparison.

Now some links and things of slight interest:

Neil Gaiman did this wonderful interview about vampires and why we may be nearing an end of this current vampire craze.

“Will Amazon’s Kindle replace books? Pundits say yes.

Of course, most pundits are also morons.

Walking down a street in Dublin and feel like dropping into a ramp?

You’re covered.


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