Obligatory Post: December 31st 2011 Edition

Every year, around this time, various blogs and websites do a long and drawn out list of some sort. Usually a BEST(/WORST) OF 2011 or a TOP XX THINGS TO LOOK FORWARD TO IN 2012 or a 2012 IS HERE AND THIS IS HOW WE’LL DIE. I’m not doing one of those. Well, I sortContinue reading “Obligatory Post: December 31st 2011 Edition”

All Things Are Cyclical

I remember being sixteen years old. I remember it vividly, in fact. I remember the sort of clothes I wore, the way I styled my hair, the sort of books I read and movies I watched. I also remember being a fan of bowling. No, not watching it on ESPN3, but the actual joy ofContinue reading “All Things Are Cyclical”

Did I Miss Christmas?

I vaguely remember someone shoving gifts and glasses of egg nog at me, but I may be wrong. Wait, it’s not 2012 yet, is it? Did the world end? The last thing I remember is opening this: That’s right. I’ve been spending the last few weeks running wild in the upper half of Tamriel inContinue reading “Did I Miss Christmas?”