A Series of Tubes

The desktop weather widget says it’s currently 81 degrees outside, which I believe, as I took a nice trip to the grocery store earlier today. The second trip there I’ve made this weekend, I can say that it is definitely getting hotter as the days progress. It seems as though we’ve gone from asking things like “Where is Winter?” and “Is this it?” to questions like “What happened to Spring?” and “Can Summer really be here already? In March?” and while I can not complain too much about nice weather or not having to deal with the bother of snow and ice, it does concern me. If anyone needs further proof that climate change exists, they need look no further than the weather reports from across this very country. This morning, a friend of mine expressed shock that snow had begun falling in Seattle, Washington. A contrast to the weather we are experiencing here, to be sure.

When I say “A Series of Tubes”, I mean YouTubes. I mean YouTube videos. Videos on YouTu- Nevermind, you get it.

First, as part of Cartoon Network’s “DC Nation” block of programming, which is to say an hour of every Saturday morning set aside for an episode of Green Lantern: The Animated Series and an episode of Young Justice, they’ve started airing “shorts” starring many DC Comics characters in humorous thirty second cartoons.

I’ve been a fan of Young Justice since it started, but I can’t seem to get into Green Lantern, which seems absurd to me.

Anyway, one such recurring short they’ve already aired the first part of is Super Best Friends Forever, which features the wacky misadventures of Wonder Girl, Batgirl, and Supergirl. It’s ridiculously good and I hope it someday becomes a half-hour show:

The fine folks over at Nerdist Industries have finally officially announced the line-up for their very own YouTube channel. Some exciting stuff, I must say. You should really head over to the page and click “Subscribe”, so you’re in the loop.

Not to be outdone, Felicia Day and crew have started their OWN YouTube channel, called Geek and Sundry, that promises a fuckload of amazing and nerdy content as well. You should probably go ahead and subscribe to that one, too.

Lastly, check out my friend Joe Carro in a short film that a friend of his made for the International Moustache Film Festival, entitled “Results May Vary”:

A few interesting things coming up, including a few new reviews I have coming down the tubes (I said tubes again, I like saying tubes) soon over at BadSequels.Com, so stay tuned for that.

I leave you with this (courtesy of Payman Benz over on Tumblr), because everyone should see it at least once. You’ll know it when you see it:


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