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Current Status: Thursday, June 20th, 4:02am

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Current Status (pictured above): Awake well beyond a time anyone of normal mind frame would consider to be healthy.

Current Aural Stimulation:

Current Pain: Have somehow injured my right shoulder. Uncertain as to when injury took place, but it hurts to move my arm in an upward fashion. I foresee this complicating my ability to deliver devastating uppercut punches to my enemies. Am at a physical disadvantage to those who might wish me harm. On the mend.

Current Calming Imagery:

Current Plans: Sleep to follow soon. Afterward, will venture forth into the world on foot to procure new items with which to grant nourishment to my family. After that, I will work until the time just before the sun peeks over the horizon. Then sleep will follow once more.

Current Inspirational Quote:

Care keeps his watch in every old man’s eye,
And where care lodges, sleep will never lie;
But where unbruised youth with unstuff’d brain
Doth couch his limbs, there golden sleep doth reign.

William Shakespeare