King of the Sea Dothraki and Detective Satan


Well, there’s Jason Momoa as Aquaman in Zack Snyder’s upcoming Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. I have to be completely honest: I don’t hate it. It’s probably the only thing to come out of this movie so far that I’m mostly behind. The Wonder Woman costume is fine, a little too Xena-esque, but I get why they need to do it that way. And honestly, I’d prefer that to something closer to the 1970s Linda Carter costume (not that I don’t also love that version of Wonder Woman), but it just feels… I don’t know. I’ll reserve judgment for when we see it in motion (read: battle).

I really don’t want to see this movie. I really really really don’t want to see this movie. After the letdown that was Man of Steel, and the clusterfuck this movie has become so far from casting to costumes, I’d just rather save my money. But this is the first time Wonder Woman has appeared in a feature film, and I feel I need to support that. Whether that support comes via a movie ticket or via an OnDemand rental remains to be seen.

All of that said, I don’t hate DC. I don’t hate DC at all. In fact, they are knocking almost all of their television projects out of the park so far. While Arrow remains laughable, it is a bit of a guilty pleasure. The Flash has been one of the single best comic book adaptations I’ve seen on TV so far. Constantine continues to impress and I sincerely hope there will be a second season. I’m no fan of Gotham, from concept through to finalized product. It’s not without it’s moments, but those moments don’t save it for me.


Speaking of DC on TV (well, Vertigo), it seems Fox has picked up the pilot for an adaptation of Lucifer.

The Good News:
Lucifer on TV!

The Bad News:
It’s on Fox. And apparently, according to sources, it’s been turned into a police procedural drama. That’s… Bad. That’s kind of missing the point of the comic series, also.

I’m cautiously optimistic, I guess.

Here’s Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston reading the final scene of the final episode of Breaking Bad. Spoilers, obviously. Also, it gets a bit emotional.

Tonight will consist of entirely too much Chinese food and hopefully just the right amount of beer. I’m more excited by both of these things than I should be.


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