Sir Terry Pratchett 1948 – 2015


Sir Terry Pratchett has left us. It’s the sort of thing that you know is coming, but you’re still not ready for. Pratchett has been one of the most brilliant voices in science fiction and fantasy for decades, and the world of literature has lost a bit of its light and a lot of its fun now that he’s passed.

There’s not much I can say about Sir Terry Pratchett that others who knew him personally haven’t already said. I know the impact his writing has made on my life and the lives of so many others, I know how deeply he’s touched us all.

christophermooregaimanThe wonderful article Neil Gaiman linked to, which is well worth your time, can be found here.

The final string of tweets on Pratchett’s official Twitter feed, as written by his daughter (according to Christopher Moore) are fitting and beautiful:

pratchettAnd finally, a wonderful interview between Sir Terry Pratchett and Garth Nix from a few years ago. Very fun:

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