Harlan Ellison


Harlan Ellison has passed away. I don’t even know why I’m writing this. There’s nothing I can say about Ellison that won’t already be said countless times in other areas of the internet today, but in a month during which we’ve already lost Anthony Bourdain, it felt right to say something.

If there is a pantheon of writing gods out there, Harlan has been in it for decades. His list of accomplishments is staggering, the influence of his work and voice is far reaching.

No one can sell Harlan Ellison better than Harlan Ellison, so here are a few clips that sum him up perfectly.


If you have the ability to watch the 2008 documentary DREAMS WITH SHARP TEETH, I highly recommend doing so. It’s such an interesting look into Harlan’s world and his life.

Godspeed, Mr. Ellison. I’m going to drink a beer and read some comic books. I like to think you’re doing the same, somewhere.


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