On the Magic of Fleetwood Mac

It is one hundred percent entirely possible that Stevie Nicks was my very first celebrity crush. If you’re wondering why, watch the clip from Fleetwood Mac’s 1997 reunion concert special, The Dance.

Growing up, my parents played a variety of fantastic music. Tom Petty, Eric Clapton, and most importantly, The Beatles. For my father, The Beatles were like a religion. Pope John Lennon the First and all that. So, naturally, the brilliance of their genius soaked into my tiny, still forming brain and they became my favorite band by proxy. Certain Beatles songs are written into my DNA.

Wait, wasn’t this supposed to be about Fleetwood Mac?

It is, I promise.

Fleetwood Mac was the first non-Beatles related band that I genuinely loved. The first time I heard Rumours, it blew my poor little adolescent mind and hooked me, deep. Rumours is a perfect album, whatever your opinion of Fleetwood Mac may be. There’s simply no room in that album for failure. The Chain, Go Your Own Way, Dreams. Every song a hit, every song a memory.

The very first cassette tape (dating myself a bit there) that I ever bought with my own saved up cash was the Fleetwood Mac live album, The Dance. I remember tuning into my local PBS station at the time and recording the televised concert on VHS and being hooked. Stevie Nicks was a dark vision of witchy beauty, Lindsay Buckingham a guitar god, Mick Fleetwood going full wild man on the drums, while John McVie drops sick bass lines, and Christine McVie tickled the ivories. Rock and roll royalty on display. I’ve been smitten ever since.

Recently, a man named Nathan Apodaca uploaded the following to TikTok:

I mean, wow. That is definitely what the kids would call a “whole ass mood”. Say what you will about Nathan’s video, but the truth is it has resonated with people in a huge way. With the heaping amount of stress that everyone is currently experiencing, it does the heart good to see someone living so much in the moment. Skateboarding to work with nary a care in the world, just a man and his cranberry juice and some Fleetwood Mac. Living the dream(s).

Mick Fleetwood himself even joined TikTok just to post his own version:

Because of Nathan’s video, download sales for the Fleetwood Mac classic Dreams were boosted a whopping 374%. Ocean Spray even gifted Nathan with a brand new truck, complete with a year’s supply of cranberry juice.

He seems like a genuinely chill dude. The fact that he’s brought fresh eyes and ears to one of my favorite bands, truly introducing a new generation of teens on TikTok to Fleetwood Mac for the first time, warms my heart.

I leave you with my favorite version of my favorite Fleetwood Mac song, The Chain:


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