A Blur of Tan and Black

I truly love Guinness. See? Here I am, loving Guinness. Unfortunately, I’m loving it out of a bottle and not from the tap, but I take what I can get. The six-pack that I purchased from a liquor store called “Fiesta City Liquors” marks the first time I’ve had the ol’ black and tan inContinue reading “A Blur of Tan and Black”

Superheroes On Twitter

oldoneeye: Still feeling emotional today. Wolverine keeps making fun of my hair. God, I hate him. God, I miss Jean. I wish I could hold my liqour. IAmLoganBitch: @oldoneeye stfu asshole oldoneeye: @IAmLoganBitch YOU NEVER THINK ABOUT THE FEELINGS OF OTHERS YOU HAIRY WORM! IAmLoganBitch: @oldoneeye i got yer hairy worm right here, bub. oldoneeye:Continue reading “Superheroes On Twitter”

Stripping On A Saturday Night

I ordered the stripper for Saturday night. You’ll be there, right? These are words I never thought I’d hear coming from the mouth of my middle-aged female boss. Uh-whuh?, I responded. It turns out that Saturday night is the night they’ll be stripping the floors at the store. Sunday night, they’ll apply a fresh coatContinue reading “Stripping On A Saturday Night”

The World is Dead, Long Live the World

I’ve decided that “the gubment” should send out stimulus checks every month. It’s awesome being able to pay a bunch of bills and order a stack of comics from an online retailer. So! I need one of the following to take place: 1: I need to get a better paying job. 2: I need toContinue reading “The World is Dead, Long Live the World”

She Blinded Me With Science (Fiction)!

That may very well be one of my favorite blog titles I’ve ever typed. Pardon me whilst I pat myself on the back for that. — The AFI (The American Film Institute) released a list of lists that list (what?) the top ten greatest films in a selection of genres; Animation, Romantic Comedy, Western, etc.Continue reading “She Blinded Me With Science (Fiction)!”

In Which The Writer Assures You He Is Still Alive

Yes, I still live. Things have been hectic around here, though in all honesty, no more hectic than they usually are. The real reason for my absence is that I finished the sixth and seventh books in the Harry Potter series. The end of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince made me cry, but didContinue reading “In Which The Writer Assures You He Is Still Alive”

Gene Colan And Why The Hero Initiative Exists

Gene Colan, one of my favorite Silver Age artists, who is probably better known for his work on Daredevil and Tomb of Dracula, though I’ll always remember for his work on Dr. Strange, has fallen ill. Being an old timer in the comic book industry means he is among the long list of truly legendaryContinue reading “Gene Colan And Why The Hero Initiative Exists”