Snow Again, Naturally

Now I have this song stuck in my head and I’ve no one but myself to blame. Anyway, yes. Snow. Again. Out of nowhere and for an entire day. I’ve discovered that the only thing that will take a bit of my newfound hatred away from snow is when snow is combined with harsh winds.Continue reading “Snow Again, Naturally”

A Study in the Effect of Lou Reed on the Removal of Limbs From Trees

This afternoon, I ventured out into our yard and, armed with nothing but a rusted hand saw, attempted to cut down a tree. I would call this a medium sized tree, nowhere near as large as will probably come to mind when one reads “I tried to cut down a tree with a small handContinue reading “A Study in the Effect of Lou Reed on the Removal of Limbs From Trees”

Perpetually Sunday and A List of Excuses

I went to sleep Sunday night and awoke Monday morning to find it was still Sunday. At least, it felt that way to me. When I awoke Tuesday morning, it still felt like Sunday, until I’d realized I’d had to work. It’s now 4:23am on Wednesday morning and as I kissed the wife and wishedContinue reading “Perpetually Sunday and A List of Excuses”

In Which We Learn Darth Vader Has A Drinking Problem

Monday was our anniversary. I had explained this to my boss, who imediately said “Don’t worry about coming in that day, then!”, which was awfully sweet of her. The day was spent watching rented movies (Juno, which was good, Alien Vs Predator: Requiem, which was not so good), eating at a local diner, and justContinue reading “In Which We Learn Darth Vader Has A Drinking Problem”

Things Between Your Toes And Other Sensations

Today I felt non dry and brown and dead, but wet and green and alive, grass between my toes for the first time in months. Literally, in months. It made me smile. It truly is the little things. — My blog views have gone up so much in the last two days, due to theContinue reading “Things Between Your Toes And Other Sensations”

Mumblings of Science Fiction and More of the J.K. Rowling Thing

With the temperature staying in the mid 60s and a decent wind rustling the trees, today was the sort of day that made you feel good to be oustide. Walking to the store and back was a fun thing, for a change. To think that less than a month ago, it was a cold andContinue reading “Mumblings of Science Fiction and More of the J.K. Rowling Thing”