Q&A For April 2008: The Questions

I’ve decided to do a monthly Q&A. These were always a favorite part of the MySpace blog, so I thought I’d move it over to the ol’ WordPress Machine (old man speak) and make it a monthly endeavor, as opposed to a “whenever the fancy strikes me” sort of deal. So, here we go. AskContinue reading “Q&A For April 2008: The Questions”

Babbles And Rambles, My Words All In Shambles.

It seems the late night pre-bed ramble may become a habit, you poor bastards. — It’s supposed to rain tomorrow. Not just rain, but a thunderstorm is reportedly on its way through. I’m sure there are those who will see a thunderstorm in their weather update and groan. “Ugh, rain.” they’ll say, “Just when theContinue reading “Babbles And Rambles, My Words All In Shambles.”

An Ode To The Guy In The Golf Cart

Two and half blocks from my house, there lives an old man. On the outside, he’s a typical, unassuming, grouchy-in-appearance old man. He wears a hat that proudly displays his devotion to the United States Navy, he wears pleated slacks and loafers, he wears aviator sunglasses. All commonplace amongst many male senior citizens, which wouldContinue reading “An Ode To The Guy In The Golf Cart”

In Which The Writer Writes. Er, Blogs.

This is going to be one of those eratic blogs. The kind that’s all over the place, with no real rhyme or reason. You’ve been warned. — The “Service Engine Soon” light came on in our car this afternoon. If you had seen our bills this week, you would know what horrible timing that littleContinue reading “In Which The Writer Writes. Er, Blogs.”

Topic Blog #3: Rob K On: Writing

Ah, the entry that serves as both a writer discussing the medium closest to his heart and as proof that said writer should never write anything ever again. Good times. — 20,000 B.C. Some hairy naked guy in serious need of a shower realizes he can take a sharp rock and carve pictures into hisContinue reading “Topic Blog #3: Rob K On: Writing”

Topic Blog #2: Rob K On: Punk Rock

This one started as my ode to the twelve year old Hot Topic shopper and it grew into a passionate rant about a genre of music I care very much about. — Punk rock used to mean something. It was a loud and boisterous “FUCK YOU!” accompanied by a gigantic middle finger directed at theContinue reading “Topic Blog #2: Rob K On: Punk Rock”

Topic Blog #1: Rob K On: Blogging

So, I started a blog over at Blogger that was meant to be a “topic blog”. Every week or month or whatever, I would post a new blog about various topics. The idea went south when I realized two things: 1: There aren’t enough topics about which I’m passionate enough to write longwinded blog entriesContinue reading “Topic Blog #1: Rob K On: Blogging”


New Blog, New Attitude, New Rob K! Actually, it’s the same attitude and the same Rob K, but it is a new blog. — I had started a Blogger account because I thought that was the next obvious step up from MySpace, LiveJournal and the like. Apparently I was wrong. “WordPress is the wave of the future, Rob!” they said, “It’ll make you look cool and people will like you!” I was sold immediately. And now you fine peopleContinue reading “Shiny.”