Current Status | 1:30am June the 5th, 2013

Current Physical Status (pictured above): A broken man for whom sleep has not come easily these last few nights. Tonight will be different, though it is already well beyond one in the morning. Current Musical Accompaniment: David Lynch Featuring Lykke Li — I’m Waiting Here Current Fear(s): The third season finale of Game of Thrones,Continue reading “Current Status | 1:30am June the 5th, 2013”

Towel Day 2013 And Other Things

I have wonderful news for you, fair reader. It’s Towel Day, once again. I’m prepared: As well should you be. — I’ve just started watching Family Tree on HBO, and after only two episodes, I’ve already become a fan. Chris O’Dowd (IT Crowd, Bridesmaids) plays Tom Chadwick, who discovers a photo of a man heContinue reading “Towel Day 2013 And Other Things”


Well, it’s 2013 and we’re all still here. The planet, I mean. Nothing happened, no explosions, no asteroids, no John Cusack in a limo. Nothing. Fucking Mayans. I realize, what with it being February, that it’s a bit late for me to be making 2012 Apocalypse jokes, but I really don’t care. Not much hasContinue reading “HAPPY NEW YEA- Oh.”