Actual Conversations From Work: Vol.02

Preface: Male Co-Worker #2 enters our place of employment, head down, dragging his feet along, his hood up over his head. He enters the backroom. Me: “What the hell happened to you?” Male Co-Worker #2: “I’m so hungover. I was at the bar last night drinking shots of abstinence.” Me: “Of what?” Male Co-Worker #2:Continue reading “Actual Conversations From Work: Vol.02”

Actual Conversations From Work: Vol.01

Preface: Tuesday morning saw the beginning of a decently sized blizzard tearing through our fair town, and, in fact, most of the state/surrounding states. I was scheduled to go in to work at 12:30pm, for my regular Tuesday shift on what we refer to as “truck day”. At 11:00am, I recieved the following phonecall: Boss:Continue reading “Actual Conversations From Work: Vol.01”