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Things Both Good And Bad

Let’s start with the bad things. Or thing, really.

In case you haven’t heard (and if you haven’t, where the hell have you been?), a powerful cyclone hit Myanmar five days ago, devistating nearly everything in its wake and killing thousands of people. Five days have passed, and even the largest city in Myanmar is paralyzed.

The length of time these people are forced to wait for aid is a travesty. If you’d like to help, please give anything you can. GlobalGiving.Com has a few different programs you can give to, or you can give to one all-inclusive plan, where a little of your money will go to all the programs listed.

On to some less Apocalyptic bits.

Author John Scalzi is now blogging it up over at AMCTV.Com.

His first entry is one entitled “Is Guillermo del Toro the Right Man for The Hobbit?” and it serves as a bit of a response to this blog entry by a man named Andrew O’Hehir over at Salon.Com. O’Hehir is against del Toro directing The Hobbit (and it’s subsequent sequel, which Scalzi affectionately refers to as The Hobbit 2: Electric Bilboloo), Scalzi is all for del Toro taking over for Peter Jackson.

Both articles make very interesting points, but I find myself agreeing with John. The Hobbit, while one of my favorite books, is a bit soft ’round the middle; making it the sort of book that is great to read before bed or to your children or whilst sitting under a nice big tree, but also the sort of book from which a film adaptaion may be a dangerous thing. A film adaptation of Hobbit, if not done correctly and by someone who knew what he or she were doing, could end up being very… Let’s say “fluffy”.

I, for one, think del Toro is a fantastic choice to direct Hobbit, because of his ability to create visually stunning and emotionally gripping fantasy (Go watch Pan’s Labyrinth. Right now. Even if you’ve already seen it, just go watch it.) and because he is a short bearded man with a funny accent, hence the perfect person to take the helm from Peter Jackson.

That last bit was a joke.

When I first read that del Toro had been chosen to direct The Hobbit, I felt relieved. I felt as though I could sit back and relax, as one of my favorite books was no longer in danger of turning into a very boring film.

Give a listen to these mp3s of Arthur C. Clarke reading the final chapters of 2001: A Space Odyssey. It’s very moving and very haunting and very cool.

The wife and the boy and I are all going to see IRON MAN tonight at our local theater, which excites us, but we are unable to make it a night out involving dinner, which disappoints us. We will have to make due with corn dogs before we leave for the film.

The boy’s arm is still broken and not yet in a cast, but the casting appointment has been made (May the fourteenth) and he says he’ll be happy once it’s on.

He also says the pain is minimal, which is more than I could say when I broke my arm around that same age.

Snow Again, Naturally

April 26, 2008 1 comment

Now I have this song stuck in my head and I’ve no one but myself to blame.

Anyway, yes.

Snow. Again. Out of nowhere and for an entire day. I’ve discovered that the only thing that will take a bit of my newfound hatred away from snow is when snow is combined with harsh winds.

A blue garbage truck found its way into a ditch, due to the blinding white curtain of snow gusting across the road. No one was hurt, but I found the idea of a garbage truck attempting to make its way through a snow storm to be rather funny.

The sun is out today and a good portion of snow has already melted. Perhaps now we can move on with our lives, yes?

(a quick check of Weather.Com shows nothing but a mixture of sun and rain over the next ten days)

The novel is coming out in a very weird sputtering like phenomenon. Words will flow just fine one moment, only to become clogged within the pipes of creativity the next.

It’s very odd, but at least I have yet to halt completely.

The Time Travel Show, a sort of science fiction podcast featuring audiobooks and guest authors reading some great science fiction from the past, has posteda tribute to Arthur C. Clarke.

It’s a bit long, but rather touching.

It’s been recently brought to my attention that not everyone is aware of this site, though they should be.

DownForEveryoneOrJustMe.Com is a fantastic internet tool that has helped me quite a few times. I’ve taken it for granted and assumed everyone knew of it.

Just stumbled across this and have decided to purchase it when I can next afford it.

The thought of seeing episodes of Howdy Doody, Annie Oakley, Lassie, Flash Gordon, Ding Dong School, Time For Beany, The Roy Rogers Show, The Pinky Lee Show and Sheena: Queen of the Jungle makes me happy.

Oh dear, the 50 Best Cult Books and I’ve only read one (Slaughterhouse Five).

I should get cracking.

On the 6th of this month, I posted a request for Q&A Questions.

I’ve recieved only a few.

If you’d like to have an question, any question at all, answered in this very blog, please click on over and leave it in a comment.

I’ll be answering in the next couple of days.