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General Nerdery | No Spoilers | Happy Father’s Day

June 16, 2013 Leave a comment


* First Sunday without Game of Thrones. The walls are closing in like so many White Walkers. I can hear the wind howling from outside and though it is bright and warm as the sun beams down from the heavens above, I know the truth. Winter is coming. I can feel it in my bones. I only wish it were not so far away.

* I was certain that I would handle this better. I was certain it would not hurt this much. I know now that certainty means nothing when faced with the unique adversity of being without one of your favorite shows for almost a year. I know now that the pain will not subside until I can once again see the beauty of Westeros on my television screen. I must deal with this pain until then.

* Luckily, as an avid Game of Thrones viewer, I have grown accustomed to pain.

The people of the internet are very divided in their opinion of Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel. Half of the internet have called it the best Superman movie so far, while the other half refuse to call it a Superman movie at all.

Having seen it, I am in the latter half of the internet.

Once I stopped thinking of it as a Superman film and started looking at it as a summer blockbuster film involving aliens and big explosions, fight scenes and bloated visuals, I was able to enjoy it. But do not be fooled. Anyone going into this movie expecting a film about Superman will be sorely disappointed. The main character in this film is named Kal-El of Krypton, he goes by the Earth name of Clark Kent, he dons a red and blue costume with a large “S” on the front and flies around with a flowing red cape behind him. He is even referred to as Superman on more than one occasion, but none of that matters. This man is an impostor.

I will not spoil the events of the film that lead me to say these words. The only thing I will say to those of you who have not yet seen it and are confused by what I’m saying is this: The Superman in this film crosses lines the Superman we all know and love would never cross.

As I said, I was able to enjoy the film for what it was. The cast is amazing, Amy Adams as Lois Lane especially, and Henry Cavill need not shoulder the blame for the events in this film as he did the best job he could with the script he was given. That is the root of the issues with this movie, the true source of the many flaws that weigh down Man of Steel; The writing.

The fault, I feel, lay not with the director, Zack Snyder. Anyone who enters this movie with prior knowledge of his directorial style will not be surprised by how the movie looks. Snyder delivers an enjoyable summer blockbuster, but the little kid in me who used to run around his living room with a red cape towel hanging from his back was very disappointed.

There you have it, the line has been drawn in the sand. I am on my side of this heated internet debate, and now you must see the film and decide on which side you find yourself. But do not allow anyone to determine for you whether or not you should see this movie. I urge you to see it for yourself, with an open mind, and to only then decide how much of this movie you’re able to take.

And of course, today is Father’s Day. So I would be remiss if I didn’t commemorate the event with a tasteless Batman image:

The Strange And Wonderful Thing

March 28, 2011 Leave a comment

When I left for work this morning, the wind was powerful and cold. The skies were gray and the snow refused to melt and it seemed as though Winter would never leave. When I returned home from work a little while ago, and I came in to this office and looked outside, I noticed that something strange and wonderful had happened.

I opened my window and a gust of wind blew in, but it was not the bitter cold of a Winter morning. Rather, it was the crisp and fragrant air of a Spring afternoon. I looked outside to see the snow receding, the grass showing through. I leaned out of the open window and craned my neck to the side and saw a rather large number of birds sitting at the very top of the tallest tree in our back yard, all of which were tittering away, as though they were discussing the change in season. Around these birds, I noticed the first bit of green I have seen on a tree in almost half a year.

I feel as though Spring will finally visit Minnesota soon, and it feels good. Though, Mother Nature has lied to me before. We’ll see.

I had wanted to say something about the passing of Diana Wynne Jones here. I had wanted to talk about how important her books are to one’s childhood and what kind of person she was (I did not know her personally, but you can tell a lot about a person by how they write, and Diana was obviously a very dear and brilliant woman).

But it seems as though Neil Gaiman has perfectly summed all of that up here. So, you should probably go read that instead. It gives a rare look at her from the perspective of someone who knew her and knew her well.

Chris Moriarty also had a lovely post about Diana here, entitled “10 Things I Learned From Diana Wynne Jones”.

The horrible and almost apocalyptic events occurring in Japan right now are impossible to comprehend. When shown footage of the tsunami, when shown images of the damages and when told the numbers of lives lost, it’s almost too much to wrap one’s mind around. But then you’re told about the current nuclear crisis and it all becomes even more astronomically incomprehensible.

That is why they are in such dire need there. That is why everyone should donate whatever they are able to, be it a dollar or ten or more.

To do so, grab your cell phone and text “JAPAN” to 90999. That will automatically donate ten dollars to the Red Cross. You can also go to RedCross.Org.

This HuffPo article lists many other ways you can help.

Some slightly happier news, the television adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones series premieres on HBO on April 17th. The only thing I can think of that makes me happier than that is the premiere of the latest season of Doctor Who on April 23rd.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to hum the Doctor Who theme song while I do dishes. As I normally do.