The Obligatory Year End Post: 2008 Edition

As the year comes to a close this evening, one tends to reflect on where they’ve been, keeping an eye on the past while facing forward, looking to the future. 2008 was a hell of a year. Nerds will call it the year of The Dark Knight, hipsters will call it the year of Obama.Continue reading “The Obligatory Year End Post: 2008 Edition”

The One Where I Talk About Jonathan Coulton

I’m not sure how I first found the music of Jonathan Coulton. It may have been Wil Wheaton’s blog, it may have been Twitter, it may have been The Fabulist, I just don’t know. But I’m certainly glad I did. Here’s hoping I’m your first introduction to Jonathon Coulton’s music. Start here. I reccomend CodeContinue reading “The One Where I Talk About Jonathan Coulton”