Things Between Your Toes And Other Sensations

Today I felt non dry and brown and dead, but wet and green and alive, grass between my toes for the first time in months. Literally, in months. It made me smile. It truly is the little things. — My blog views have gone up so much in the last two days, due to theContinue reading “Things Between Your Toes And Other Sensations”

Mumblings of Science Fiction and More of the J.K. Rowling Thing

With the temperature staying in the mid 60s and a decent wind rustling the trees, today was the sort of day that made you feel good to be oustide. Walking to the store and back was a fun thing, for a change. To think that less than a month ago, it was a cold andContinue reading “Mumblings of Science Fiction and More of the J.K. Rowling Thing”

The Wind and the Oatmeal and the J.K. Rowling thing.

A Wind Advisory is in effect for much of Western Minnesota right now. They say the wind is gusting up to forty-five miles per hour and is knocking branches from trees and sending cats on long trips via the air*. This news does not bode well for those walking to work today (namely, me). WhileContinue reading “The Wind and the Oatmeal and the J.K. Rowling thing.”