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Things Between Your Toes And Other Sensations

April 17, 2008 3 comments

Today I felt non dry and brown and dead, but wet and green and alive, grass between my toes for the first time in months. Literally, in months.

It made me smile. It truly is the little things.

My blog views have gone up so much in the last two days, due to the last two entries (here and here.), most of which as a result of Google searches for “JK Rowling” or “JK Rowling Lawsuit”, that I am considering blogging about nothing else.

I’ll sit here, day after day, blogging away about the lawsuit. I’ll blog about what J.K. Rowling was wearing in court, I’ll blog about whether she wore her hair up or down, I’ll blog about how many times she sipped from her water glass.

“But what about when the trial has ended?” you ask. Well, the answer to that is plainly obvious; I’ll file a lawsuit myself. One against J.K. Rowling, in which I state that the lack of a J.K. Rowling trial has saddened me and made it so I am unable to write (or blog).

Then I’ll blog about it.

It’s a fool proof plan.

I’ve just recieved a friend request on MySpace. It was from my pre-teen niece.

The world is ending.

Have to quit smoking? Put down that cigarette and pick up Pokemon!

It’s been established that, once the wife and I win the lottery, we’re moving out of this hell-in-a-handbasket-bound country.

Possible relocation spots include:

Osaka, Japan.
London, England.
Dublin, Ireland.

When we collect our winnings and make our decision, we will be sure to let you know.

Though, it may be a while.

Mumblings of Science Fiction and More of the J.K. Rowling Thing

April 16, 2008 3 comments

With the temperature staying in the mid 60s and a decent wind rustling the trees, today was the sort of day that made you feel good to be oustide. Walking to the store and back was a fun thing, for a change. To think that less than a month ago, it was a cold and frigid landscape of white and gray is astounding when breathing in the warm Spring air, looking around at all the rich greens and browns.

Today was a good day.

In my previous entry, I commented on this article in which was information on a lawsuit filed by Harry Potter author, J.K. Rowling.

Andrew Wheeler feels she’s wrong.

It’s truly interesting hearing from an established publisher on this topic and, while I still side with Rowling and hope she wins, I also tend to agree with a few things Andrew has mentioned.

Printed fan work is one thing. Go to your local Borders and look for any book on the topic of Star Wars. You’d be surprised how many there actually are (or perhaps you wouldn’t be surprised). Not all of them are official. In fact, many of them are unauthorized. And those will sell many copies right alongside the “Official” Lucasfilm produced books on the subject. No copyright infringing.

But from what Rowling is claiming in the suit, many of the facts in this fan’s Lexicon is taken verbatim from the books. There is, reportedly, very little original content in it. And by original content, I mean words about Harry Potter written uniquely by this man. Not just copying and pasting from the books (again, reportedly, as I’m not familiar enough with the books to recognize the similarities).

I believe therein lies the difference.

Of course, I’m no publisher.

Author Dan Ronco thinks we’re entering a new golden age for science fiction.

It is eerie to think of all those ideas envisioned by SF writers that are now becoming a reality.

Here, have some of the best book covers ever printed.

Doctor Who gives Ben Templesmith a hard on.

Doctor Who by Ben Templesmith gives me a hard on.

The Wind and the Oatmeal and the J.K. Rowling thing.

April 15, 2008 4 comments

A Wind Advisory is in effect for much of Western Minnesota right now. They say the wind is gusting up to forty-five miles per hour and is knocking branches from trees and sending cats on long trips via the air*. This news does not bode well for those walking to work today (namely, me).

While I would marvel at the sight of branches leaving their wooden housings and go skipping across the road, I would not enjoy being hit by one.

If you don’t hear from me again, you know what’s happened.

The oatmeal I’ve just eaten was far too dry. It’s made me wish we had milk in the house.

Random, I know, but it does have its place, as I’m only eating oatmeal as a step in the direction of general health.

Wendy, a friend of mine in California, replied to the free fiction entry with these links. They happen to be very helpful, informative and fun to browse. (thank you, Wendy)

Baen Free Library

Project Gutenberg

The Universal Digital Library

Google Books

John Tierney, over at the NYT, has posted an article on cognitive dissonance in monkeys that makes for an interesting read.

Shame it’s from the Times. I have trouble taking anything I read in the Times seriously anymore.

Harry Potter author, J.K. Rowling, has filed a lawsuit against the owner and manager of a wildly popular Harry Potter website.

The owner, Steven Vander Ark, had reportedly gotten permission from Rowling to start the website. Rowling agreed, so long as Vander Ark would not try to parlay the site’s success into the printing of a book. Vander Ark agreed and the Harry Potter Lexicon went on to become one of the most popular Harry Potter fan websites on the internet.

Last year, Vander Ark was approached by RDR Publishing and offered a deal to publish the Lexicon as a book. He took the offer, so long as RDR would pay for any legal fees and damages if he should find himself at the business end of a lawsuit.

Here’s a bit of the article linked above:

Rowling acknowledged she once bestowed an award on Vander Ark’s Web site because she wanted to encourage a very enthusiastic fan.

But she said she “almost choked on my coffee” one morning when she realized Vander Ark had warned others not to copy portions of his Web site. She said she now has second thoughts about all the encouragement she has given to online discussions and Web sites devoted to her books.

The emphasis is the bit that saddens me. The creator of something as beloved and honored as the Harry Potter books should never feel leery when it comes to encouraging online discussion and fan websites. Creating something that resonates so loudly, and with so many people, should open an entire world of possibilities. The idea behind the Harry Potter Lexicon is brilliant and its creation should have been a heart warming moment for Rowling.

Instead, she’s now concerned about who will try to steal from her next.

It’s just a sad state of affairs and I feel for her. I truly do. I hope she wins her argument, I hope the Lexicon is taken out of print and I hope she’s able to resume her literary work unhindered by this mess.

I also hope she’s able to move on and feel a little better about the online world view of her work.

*As far as I know, the cat story is merely something I made up. The idea of a cat unwittingly taking flight due to high winds made me chuckle, therefore it was mentioned here.