Dear Dad

I don’t even know where to start. So much has changed since you left, dad. But too much is exactly the same. I still listen to Here Comes the Sun exclusively twice a year; once to honor when you came into the world, and once to mourn when you left it. I cry each time.Continue reading “Dear Dad”

Current Status: Friday | July 17th 2015 | 10:10pm

Current Proof of Life: Current Soundtrack: Current Rambling: Much has happened since my last update.¬†Love won, we said hello to Pluto¬†for the first time, and Comic-Con kicked everyone in the collective ass. I’ll get to all of that eventually. Another thing that happened is my mother was admitted to the hospital. This all started backContinue reading “Current Status: Friday | July 17th 2015 | 10:10pm”