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Yet Another Brief Post Centered Primarily Around A Video

July 5, 2013 Leave a comment

Quickly and then sleep.

My copy of The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman has finally arrived. I have not yet started reading it, as I’m afraid I won’t be able to stop once I do. Temptation will win out soon enough (most likely when I wake up later).

If you have never seen The Mindscape of Alan Moore, the 2005 documentary about Alan Moore, I’ve just learned that it is on Youtube. In its entirety.

I felt the immediate urge to share this information with as many people as possible.


If you’re a fan of his work, or just have an interest in him as a person (as he is quite the interesting character, to put it lightly), it is well worth the time spent watching it. It might give you a bit of insight into why I consider myself a member of the Church of Moore.

Sleep now, reading later.

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Just A Couple Of Things

December 2, 2008 2 comments

First off, I’ve drifted away from doing surveys and memes and the like lately, which is mostly due to the fact that most of them seem to be the same thing repeated again and again.

But I enjoyed the idea behind this one, so I decided to toss it up here.

Courtesy of Matt Young, who got it from an internet friend, who got it from an internet friend, whogotitfromaguywhoknowsadudewhoonce touchedEddieVanHalen’sguitarpickIsweartoGod.

Go to and put your answers into the search field:
01. First Name:
02. Favorite Food:
03. Hometown:
04. Favorite Color:
05. Celebrity Crush:
06. Favorite Drink:
07. Dream Holiday:
08. Favorite Dessert:
09. What I Want To Be When I Grow Up:
10. What I Love Most In The World:
11. One Word That Describes Me:
12. My LiveJournal Name: (if you don’t have a LiveJournal, just put in your IM handle or whatever)

Then use’s Mosaic Maker to make a mosaic.

Like so:

1. Self Portrait | by Rockin Rob – Pixel Pimped by Zeon7, 2. Vikram Chatwal – 1/2 Billionaire Former Playboy Sikh Hotelier Takes 0 Calls While Enjoying a Burrito & Ice Cold LA Tap Water in Loaner Mickey Mouse Boxers & Patriotic Turban on a Filthy Dollar Concealing Mattress in Room 111 of The Hollywood Premier Motel, 3. El Cajon Classic Car & Hot Rod Cruise 062508 -35, 4. Berlin blues, 5. Who Killed Amanda Palmer?, 6. Guinness, 7. Liffey Sunset a la Nokia – Dublin, Ireland, 8. eclairs, 9. S is for Supersexy Superhero, 10. Danielle And I, 11. Weirdest Medical Marketing Piece, 12. Old Writer Guy

Feel free to post your results in the comment section. I’ll look at it, I promise.

Secondly, one of the coolest YouTube videos I have ever come across:

That would be the mind bendingly gorgeous and equally mind bendingly talented Amanda Palmer, in her underwear, playing an accoustic ukulele version of Radiohead’s Creep for Neil Gaiman, who then shows her a youtube clip of “Everything Sounds Like Coldplay Now” by Mitch Benn. (which is here and is hilarious and you should definitely give it a view)

That’s like a black hole of awesome. It really is. It’s like if even one more single cool thing/person/song/etc. were to wander into the room, it would in fact be too much awesome for the universe to handle in one place, and the timespace continuum would shatter into an infinite number of tiny bits.

Video courtesy of Kyle Cassidy’s blog. Awesomeness courtesy of everyone/thing/song in the video.