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Points Of Interest: A Link Thread.

April 9, 2008 Leave a comment

Robotic Colon Snakes.

As if the idea of colonoscopies didn’t sound uncomfortable enough, now researchers are developing self-propelling probes that crawl inside the colon and grip its sides with the aid of sticky films.

Via: Warren Ellis

Vibrating Vinyl Beaver.

Jeremy Fish has created Barry the Beaver, a ‘vibrating vinyl friend’ for all your needs — collecting and otherwise.

Via: The Fabulist

Talking Fish Sparks Madness.

After a moment of stunned silence all hell broke loose. Mr Rosen’s co-worker Louis Nivelo became convinced that the talking fish was the work of Satan and ran around screaming: “It’s the devil! The devil is here!” before finally collapsing into a pile of packing crates.

Via: The Daily Grail

In closing, have a story by Greg Egan:

Oceanic by Greg Egan

The swell was gently lifting and lowering the boat. My breathing grew slower, falling into step with the creaking of the hull, until I could no longer tell the difference between the faint rhythmic motion of the cabin and the sensation of filling and emptying my lungs. It was like floating in darkness: every inhalation buoyed me up, slightly; every exhalation made me sink back down again.