Q&A For August: The Answers

Let’s get right down to it, yeah? Jen asks: where’s my video dammit?! A: Actually, I have an explanation for this! Our computer has been acting extremely slow lately and hasn’t been cooperating in the “allowing me to edit video” department, so I just haven’t been able to upload anything. I promise, though. Once weContinue reading “Q&A For August: The Answers”

Q&A For August 2008: The Answers

Here we are again, my friends. I’ve gotten quite a few questions this time, so let’s get right down to it, shall we? The lovely Jen asks: William Shatner? Why? Or would the answer scare me? This would be in reference to the Questions blog in which I mentioned my unhealthy obsession with William Shatner.Continue reading “Q&A For August 2008: The Answers”

Q&A For April 2008: The Answers

It’s time once again to answer some of your hard hitting questions. Let’s get right to it: Ali wrote: What is your favorite healthy snack? I love sliced green apple with fat free peanut butter spread on them. I’ve also been known to chew on carrots from time to time. Yogurt is a favorite ofContinue reading “Q&A For April 2008: The Answers”