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Q&A For August: The Questions

August 13, 2009 1 comment


Come on down to Rob K’s House of Answers for all of your question answering needs!

Wanna know what makes me tick? ASK ME!

Don’t know what movie to watch tonight? ASK ME!

Need advice about the purchase of a rare and endangered ferret/cat/hamster hybrid on eBay? ASK ME!

Confused about which direction your life is currently taking? ME TOO! I mean, ASK ME!

That’s right, here at Rob K’s House of Answers, if you got the questions, I’ve got the answers!*

(I do this every once in awhile. Ask a question, about anything, and I’ll do my best to answer it. Make it funny, make it emotional, make it an honest question about myself or the world, and I promise to answer it in whatever way I can.)

If you have a question, just leave it in the comments below! I’ll update in awhile with my answers.

*DISCLAIMER: Rob K may not, in fact, have the answers.

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Q&A For March 2009: The Questions

March 20, 2009 5 comments

Hello, all you beautiful internet type people! I, your humble writer, one Dr. Robert J. Kaas II Esq., have decided to open my mental doors to all of you once again, in one of my favorite things to do in bloggyworld: The Q&A!

So, here’s the inner workings, yeah?:

STEP ONE: You, being a semi-sane person of the world and abroad, post a comment here asking any number of questions you like. Any topic you wish, no questions will be left unanswered, I swearsies.

STEP TWO: I, being a very much insane person of my living room and not much else, read your comment here containing your questions. I then gasp in horror, grimace in disgust, blush and/or giggle like a small child at the unbelievable candor with which you ask your silly little questions. I then bring life to a brand new bloggenstien’s monster (read: I post a new entry) in which I answer all of your questions with reckless abandon, which you then read and giggle at my sheer ignorance.



It’s just that easy, my gentle pale skinned readers. You marvelous specimens of grace and beauty.

I will now sit and await your questions, my lovelies.

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Q&A For August 2008: The Questions

August 9, 2008 5 comments

Since there were so few questions the last time round, I decided maybe a monthly Q&A wasn’t such a great idea after all.

However, there were enough questions to warrant another go at it.

So here we go again:

Ask me anything! Ask me one question, ask me fifty! Ask me about writing, ask me about my devilishly charming personality, ask me about my unhealthy obsession with William Shatner!

Just leave a comment on this entry and I’ll answer the questions in a later blog entry.

See your name up in lights!*

Alright, I have housework to do.

*Disclaimer: Your name will not actually be up in lights, but rather you will be mentioned in this blog, which is not nearly as exciting as having your name in lights. Or having a root canal.

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Q&A For April 2008: The Questions

April 6, 2008 6 comments

I’ve decided to do a monthly Q&A. These were always a favorite part of the MySpace blog, so I thought I’d move it over to the ol’ WordPress Machine (old man speak) and make it a monthly endeavor, as opposed to a “whenever the fancy strikes me” sort of deal.

So, here we go. Ask me anything, anything at all, and I’ll respond in a later blog entry. Make it about writing, or about my life, or about my favorite cheese, I really don’t care.