April Showers (In May) And Other Things

I awoke this morning to the calming sound of a light pattering against the bedroom window. I rose from bed, stretched and yawned, walked to the door and opened it. Little droplets of renewal, small glimmering orbs, each containing a mirrored image of the world around them, cascaded from the heavens and washed across theContinue reading “April Showers (In May) And Other Things”

Babbles And Rambles, My Words All In Shambles.

It seems the late night pre-bed ramble may become a habit, you poor bastards. — It’s supposed to rain tomorrow. Not just rain, but a thunderstorm is reportedly on its way through. I’m sure there are those who will see a thunderstorm in their weather update and groan. “Ugh, rain.” they’ll say, “Just when theContinue reading “Babbles And Rambles, My Words All In Shambles.”