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A Lesson in Alan Moore

April 25, 2008 Leave a comment

I have a few rather uninteresting things to say, but I’ll be saving those bits until the end of this entry.

Allow me to first list a few of the many reasons why Alan Moore is one of the most important comic book creators in the history of the medium.

V For Vendetta
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
From Hell

This is merely a short list of of the many contributions Moore has made to comics in his nearly three decade long career, but what a list it is. Watchmen alone is considered to be one of the single greatest graphic novels out there.

These facts are, of course, arguable. There are probably many people who consider Moore to be overrated, at best, or perhaps even a complete hack, at worst. But one thing that cannot be argued is this: Alan Moore has left his mark on this industry.

Those of you reading this who have not read Watchmen, go. Go forth, now, and procure a copy immediately. Sit somewhere quiet, with a cup of tea or coffee, and read. Be sure to clear your calendar first, as those who begin reading Watchmen seldom set it down before finishing it.

Watchmen is not a perfect graphic novel, but it sure feels close.

Something I’ve discovered only recently, but I’m told has been online for some time now, is this. It’s Alan reciting one of Rorschach’s diary entries in Watchmen. It’s eerie and wonderful.

One more reason Alan Moore is cooler than most human beings walking the planet currently:

Yes, he worships a snake god.

Now the boring bits:

Snow is expected tomorrow. I very nearly cried when I heard those words. It seems mother nature does not want me to experience a Spring unscathed by snow and cold winds.

It also appears that the devil tree beside our house will live to see another day.

A list of the Locus Awards nominees has been released. It’s good to see names like Terry Pratchett and Gene Wolfe appear a few times.

Guillermo Del Toro is officially directing “The Hobbit”.

If Peter Jackson won’t do it, I don’t think we could ask for a better replacement.

Suddenly and inexplicably, I find myself in the mood to read a little Harlen Ellison. Sadly, I don’t own any Ellison.

Maybe a trip to the library is in order.

The Spirit

April 20, 2008 1 comment

Sixty eight years ago, a man named Will Eisner created what would go on to become one of the most important comic books in that or any year.

The Spirit followed the exploits of Denny Colt, a Central City detective who was presumed dead. When he reappeared, fed up with the crime and desolution overcoming his city, Colt donned a mask and took it upon himself to become a one man army against the criminals that nearly cost him his life.

The Spirit was a working class superhero who stood for justice when no one else would. He embodied the every day struggle of the common man against the cruelty of the world around him.

Next year, comic visionary Frank Miller, will redefine The Spirit on the silver screen.

Here, you can watch the teaser trailer for The Spirit. Be sure to play the clips after the trailer, they’re entertaining. Frank Miller is afraid of an undead Will Eisner and Eva Mendes has no clue what The Spirit is about.

In watching the teaser, which is just that, a teaser, and not meant to be taken as a final cut sort of trailer, I’ve realized I only have two problems; The fact that The Spirit is in black and red as opposed to blue and red, which I would normally be willing to overlook, except in this case it makes the film look a bit too much like a Sin City related project (which is my second problem).

While I do not doubt that The Spirit’s attire will remain black in the future trailers, and subsequent film itself, I do hope Miller does something to it to take it away from that Sin City aftertaste.

That being said, I have faith in Frank Miller’s vision.

With the release of film adaptations of Will Eisner’s The Spirit and Alan Moore’s Watchmen in 2009, it’s certainly shaping up to be a wonderful year for film adaptations of amazing comic books.

Whereas Miller’s retelling of The Spirit left me with a distinct Sin City aftertaste, Zack Snyder’s take on Watchmen seems to be dead on so far. (though there is no teaser just yet)

I do not envy Miller or Snyder for being in their current position. If either of them manage to sully the visage of their respective source materials, I envision a legion of very unhappy comic book fans descending upon them as locusts would.

Planning on starting the second bit of prologue before I go about my housework. I truly cannot wait to share this with all of you and may decide very soon to give you all a sneak peek of what it is I’m working on.

If there would be any interest, of course.