Amanda Palmer Made Me Do It

This is going to be another blog where I blatently promote Amanda Palmer, so if you’re sick of reading that sort of thing, feel free to skip this.

Although you’ll be denying a young woman her birthday wish. You bastards.

So, I’m reading this blog entry over at Amanda Palmer’s website, and I see she mentions that, not only is it her birthday, but that she has a birthday wish for us fans to make come true. Rather an experiment, really.

here is what i’d like for my birthday:

please take this moment in time and think about one person, any person, who you think might like my music and my art. someone who doesn’t know it.
someone who does not have amanda fucking palmer in their life and might like her there.
this does not have to be a peer. it could be a child, a mother, an ex, an uncle, an befriended enemy, a co-worker, a long-lost friend, a teacher, a whatever. ANYONE.

picture them in your mind. picture if their life might possibly be made better if you brought some afp into it.

please send/get to them them either of the following (in any format your lifestyle or computer literacy allows for. and explain why you are sending this. explain why you like this artist. explain that it’s her birthday and she’s asked you, as a favor to her, to do this.
the worst they will do is delete your email, tell you to fuck off, or disown you)

1-a copy of WHO KILLED AMANDA PALMER. if you don’t think they have the attention span for the whole album, send them a track.
2-a youtube clip of one of your favorite AFP videos.

Right. Now, if I had the money, I’d give away a copy of WKAP, but unfortunately, I was lucky enough to afford the one I have. And I’m not giving it up, for I am a selfish bastard.

However, what I can do is this:


OASIS (Banned in the UK! SHOCKING!):



Those are my favorite tracks off the album, and rather than just post mp3s, I’m posting the videos because this way, you get nifty visuals to absorb along with nifty music.

I’m also fairly certain I’ve already posted these videos, but this time it’s a gift, so shut up.

Additional clips of interest:



Play through ’em, go ahead. Take your time, if you don’t dig one track, play the next. Each are different and wonderful in their own way.

I’ll just be over here, playing Super Mario Bros. until you’re finished.

Stupid Bowser. What? Oh, you’re done, good. Well? Did you enjoy your musical journey?

If so, do yourself a favor, and pick up the album.

While you’re there, check out some Dresden Dolls stuff. You won’t be disappointed, I promise.

Disclaimer: I swear I’m not being paid by AFP or her crew in any way other than awesome music and stuff. Seriously.

That’ll be the end of this pimp-a-thon.

Happiest birthday wishes to Amanda Palmer, though I sincerely doubt she’ll read this.

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